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13 Days till Turks & Caicos

Keith and I have had a tough past year but having a strong foundation has helped tremendously.  I am so glad I have him to help balance me out and see the positive side when I can only think negatively. Before his dad passed away in April, I asked him if we could plan a trip later in the fall to truly relax and forget about work, responsibility and be just the two of us - he hesitated but said YES!  We had so much fun on our honeymoon in Antigua, I wanted to travel to another tropical resort (all inclusive again) but somewhere neither of us had been.  So, we picked Turks & Caicos and I can not wait till we arrive.  We are only going for 5 days but it will be much needed!

Take me out to the ballgame...

Thursday night, my sister, her fiance and Keith and I headed to Durham to watch the Durham Bulls vs Gwinnett Braves.  The weather just started to cool down so it was the perfect weather to be outside have some hotdogs, drink some beers and cheer for the local team.  They ended up winning 3-2!

Total Eclipse of the Heart

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse, frequently referred to as the "Great American Eclipse", was visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts.This was rare because it was visible across the entire USA which hasn't happened in 100 years. 

Below is a map you can see where it was full darkness and where other areas (like Raleigh) were only partial. 

 Taken with my iphone and eclipse glasses Insert all eclipse puns: moon pies, eclipse gum, sun chips, and NASA approved eclipse glasses

Keith turns 34!

My husband and I are very different when it comes to what to plan for the weekend.  He could stay at home every weekend and I would get cabin fever and need to go somewhere.  Since, it was his birthday weekend - whatever he wanted to do - we did!

Friday: He loves wings, so we went to the best place to eat wings and have a beer - Kings in North Hills.  It was a fun date night and a pretty night to be out and about.

Saturday: We had to drop off my car to get some electrical work done, and had a lazy morning.  My sister and I did some errands while he watched TV and played with Hamilton.  He grabbed drinks and watched football with friends - Josh & David.

 He fell asleep on my lap
Hamilton likes MILK
Sunday: We had to get my car inspected, so we dropped off my car and walked over to a local bar and had bloody mary's.  Another day spent spoiling Hamilton and we loved EVERY minute of it.


Sandusky has Cedar Point as the main attraction and practically in our friends back yard.  We went to a different local coffee shop in the morning and then started our day.  I love how close everything is.

Saturday: After we got back from PIB we went to Cedar Point Beach/Park to play cornhole in the sand.  Later, we walked around the park and saw the cool rollercoaster rides (but didn't ride).

Sunday: We went to another local coffee shop in Sandusky, before heading to Cleveland to walk around.  We saw the stadiums and had lunch at the Liking Lizard Tavern before catching our evening flight.

Put In Bay

The weekend continued as we went to Put In Bay on Saturday and it was so much fun.  We drove 15 minutes to get on the Miller Ferry to take us to PIB.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and so glad we got to enjoy some sunshine rays. As soon as we got off the ferry we went to one of the pool swim up bars that was near by.  From there we headed to Frosty's for pizza and more drinks.  We headed to a few more pool bars before catching the ferry back home.

 Pretty shot from the ferry  Taxi Ride on the island

Cleveland Rocks

Keith and I have never been to Put In Bay and our friend Kevin and Christina go often because they live close by.  So we coordinated a weekend to come up and go to Cleveland, Put In Bay and Sandusky (which is where they live).  We worked a full day Friday and took a 7pm flight to Ohio to start a fun weekend!

Friday:  Our flight continued to get delayed but we landed in CLE at 9:30pm.  The downtown area called The Flats has really been built up nicely with lots of restaurants, bars and fun things to do so that is where we headed. We were starving so we headed to Coastal Taco Bar & Chill which was right on the water.  Our friends Scott & Cassie met up for a couple of drinks before we headed to Punch Bowl Social which had a great rooftop bar looking at the Cleveland Browns Stadium which my gentleman LOVED!

 Proud I only packed a small carry-on  Airport drinks   Pretty sunset skyline from airplane  Cleveland Grid Map  The girls
 You can see the stadium in the background 

Hilton Head Island

Jamie and I found a weekend where we could both head down to the island to see our Aunt Barb.

Friday: We took a half day and were able to get to her place in time for dinner.  She has a really nice dinning area where she lives so we are able to eat and catch up without having to go anywhere which is nice.  They always have a good dessert bar where you can help yourself and have as much or little as you would like. 
Saturday: We had a task at hand to sort through all these boxes she had in her bedroom.  We made piles for throw away, donate, and keep.  It was emotional for her as many boxes had many memories and we knew it would be painful for her.  We are so proud of her as she did so much and was so strong to keep powering through and get the boxes done. 
Later, we met up with the Sellers who primarily live in England and spend the summers at Hilton Head Island.  I love their accents and we had tea and cookies with them at 5pm.  After, we had tea we headed to the country club and had di…

Favorite Lip Balms

Currently, I am on a Burts Bee lip balm kick and Revlon lip gloss kick.  I hate when I forget these items at home or in another purse, so I often have back ups at work.  Let's be honest having chapped lips is the WORST.  I have never been a huge fan of bold lipsticks, I think mostly because I do not think I can pull it off.

Burts Bee Beeswax Lip BalmRevlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss