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Highlights of 2016

As the end of the year approaches, it is hard not to reflect back and look at all the places I have been and fun trips and memories I made in 2016.

January Wintergreen Ski Resort, VA
February The Villages, FL
March Bought my new car RAV4
April Visit Quinn in Philly  Run the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K
May  Greg & Sara wedding in Columbus OH Trip to St. Augustine  Adopted Hamilton
June 1 year anniversary - celebrated in St Simons Island 
July  Isle of Palms Beach, SC
August Work trip to Chicago
September First Cleveland Browns game at Cleveland  Cape May for Quinn's Bachelorette
October Quinn & Brian's wedding in Philly Grandma Snow comes to visit
November Jamie turns 30
December  Ski Mammoth Mountain, CA

Christmas in Charlotte

Keith & I headed to Charlotte to spend with his family.  It was so great to be around little girls on Christmas day as they are so excited to open presents and see what Santa brought them.  We all stayed at his cousins house: Chris & Emily's and then Keith's parents drove up and his Aunt Denise and Uncle Mike also flew in to stay for a week.

Friday: We worked a half day and then packed up the car and headed to Charlotte. We were able to all have dinner and catch up before Christmas Eve.

Saturday: We decorated Christmas cookies and went to church for Christmas Eve service.

Sunday: We lounged around in our pjs all day and it was so fun to see both Hannah (6) and Ella (3) open their presents from Santa and squeal when they would open gifts. We had a nice Christmas dinner with all of us.

 Ms Ella enjoyed taking so many pictures with my phone  Being silly
Monday: We packed up and left after breakfast.  We went to Wendell to visit with my dad and pick up Hamilton then …

Snow Sisters go to Mammoth Mountain

Jamie and I had been planning this trip for several months and so excited when the day finally arrived.  We were scheduled to be gone from Saturday to Saturday with 3 days of skiing and spending the other days doing whatever we wanted.

Saturday: We already prepared ourselves for a long travel day and left Raleigh for the airport at 7:30am EST and expected to land in Mammoth at 6:30pm PST.  We made all of our connection flights and were ready to touch down in Mammoth only to find out the winds were to strong for the pilot to land.  The plane couldn't handle anything past 32 knots and the wind was 39 knots and climbing.  So unfortunately, after a plane ride with lots of turbulence and feeling like final destination we had to turn around and land at LAX.  Jamie and I had to make a decision: Get a refund for the flight $53 OR can take the next flight to Mammoth which is in 24 hours.  We decided to not waste any time and rent a car and complete the 5 hour trip.  We went to In & Out …

Dashing in December

The first weekend in December and we were home ready to tackle our to-do lists. We even managed to see our friends as well which was great.

Friday: Double date night with David & Jess.  We had dinner at Morton's pizza and then a few drinks at O'maley's bar.  We had a good time catching up with them as it has been a long time since we saw them.

Saturday: We spent the majority of the day tackling our to-do lists and managed to do alot.  We spent 10am -2pm helping my dad out selling items he has built for a holiday market at Quail Corners.  Then we worked around the house before meeting friends to watch Penn State game.

Sunday: We went to Lowe's and completed more items around the house! The house is finally slowly starting to come together and we are so excited!