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Happy Halloween

Keith and I have been so busy moving from the old place to the new place and still have a lot to do - sadly.  We have knocked the majority of the tasks we had to do but now our new place is filled with boxes!

Friday: We decided to take Hamilton to my dad's house so we could get a lot done without Hamilton trying to sneak out. Keith started and took about 4 loads and then we watched Game 3 of the World Series.

Saturday: We worked for almost 6 hours carrying boxes over to the new place.  I looked at my Fitbit and I already logged 14,000 steps when we were carrying over our last load! We met some friends at Lynwood Grill for a Halloween Party.  A few girlfriends and I decided to go as Snapchat filters and we had so much fun!

Sunday: Keith & I were slow to move but we moved over 3 more loads. We settled in for the evening and watched Game 5.


Quinn & Brian's wedding was out of a movie! It was absolutely perfect and carried Quinn & Brian's style throughout the ceremony and reception. The ceremony took place at the rooftop of The Franklin Institute just as the sun was setting and it was stunning! I did a reading "Marriage Joins Two People in the Circle of Its Love" by Edmund O'Neill.  Quinn's brother Drew was the officiant and did a fabulous job! After the ceremony we had cocktail hour throughout the museum and had fun looking at all of the exhibits. Then the party started at the reception in a huge room where a large statue of Ben Franklin was in the middle.  The whole night was picture perfect and so happy to help celebrate Quinn & Brian!

Quinn & Brian Rehearsal Dinner

Keith & I headed up to Philadelphia, PA to celebrate our friends getting married.  We hit the road around 9am and arrived at the hotel at 4pm.  We had to hurry as the rehearsal started promptly at 5pm.  I was honored when asked to do a reading at the ceremony that would be at the rooftop of The Franklin Institute. After we practiced, we went to the Red Owl Tavern for dinner.

Home Sweet Home

Today, 10-13-2016 marks the day my husband and I became home owners.  Neither one of us have purchased a home previously, so today is a special day.  We are both so excited after looking for our first home for the last six months.  The area is an area we are very familiar with and we will continue to be close to my sister (3.5 miles), close to my work (4.7 miles) and my bestie, Anne-Stuart (4.7 miles).

We snapped this photo in the parking lot of the lawyer office after we signed all 100 pages to make it official!

Grandmother is in town

My grandmother (Dad's mom) flew first class to see her son and granddaughters for 9 days and I was so happy.  This is probably the longest I have ever spent with my grandmother because she always has lived in Colorado or Michigan so short visits only.

Her trip consisted of playing lots of Skip-Bo, Russian Bank, eating like the queen she is, and enjoying some quality time.  It was very emotional when we had to take her to the airport and send her back to Michigan.  I will cherish this vacation she had for the rest of my life.  She is the sweetest lady you will ever meet.  It was so nice for my gentleman to get some QT with grandmother as well.