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Charming Charleston

Keith & I headed down to SC to visit with his parents.  His mom originally planned to be in Missouri with her family but needed to stay back and take care of her husband.  Since, we knew they would both be there, we decided to visit.

Friday: Fought traffic and was able to get into town before 10pm.  We stayed up and caught up and played with Hamilton.

Saturday: We did some yard work around the house (Hamilton helped!) then we were able to head to the beach for a few hours and enjoy the sun! We had fun cooking in the kitchen together and had a nice meal together!

Sunday: We headed to church, and then went to brunch at Charleston Cafe and it was so yummy!

HOTT Summer Weekend

The temperature always gets hot and humid in the summer time in NC but it feels like 100 degrees almost everyday.  I start to sweat just walking from my car to the building but I am used to it so, stop the complaining right?!

Thursday: Hamilton had puppy training class after work and each time we are getting better and better with the commands we are learning.  This week it was a refresh with sit and lay as well as introducing loose leash training.

Friday: Our friends David & Jessica went to Mexico last month and brought back lots of tequila so we did a tequila tasting and tacos at their house. It was alot of fun and surprisingly I liked more of the tequila than I expected.

Saturday: We had lots of errands to do as well as chores around the house. After we completed all of these we met up with our friends Rachel, Patrick, Anne-Stuart, and Justin (Anne's new boy) to have dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe.  The weather was crazy with flash flood warnings and thunder storms the entire nig…

It is always sunny in Philadelphia

One of my friends from college, Quinn is getting married in October later this year and this week was her bridal shower.  It was so nice to get a chance to catch up and celebrate her getting married!

Thursday: Anne-Stuart and I drove up after work and made good time arriving at 10:30pm.  We stayed up long enough to come in and unpack before heading to bed.

Friday: Quinn had to work so we ventured out to the city and had fun exploring.  We met up for happy hour at a bar near the train station before heading back to her place.  We then ventured out to Manayunk Brewing Restaurant which was so nice to sit outside and right by the water.

Saturday: Bridal Shower Day! The shower was at Blue Monkey not far from her parents house.  The setting was teapots and florals everywhere and it was STUNNING! After the shower we hung out at her parents house before heading home.

Sunday: We had brunch at Bourbon Blue which had a cool bloody marry bar.  We then hit the road back to NC around 12.

Happy Birthday America!

The 4th of July is always a fun holiday, where you can wear different variations of red, white & blue, eat summer food, and watch fireworks. Every year, we are in town we head to the town of Morrisville, NC where they do their firework show on July 3rd and you can see them perfectly from my mom's backyard. They usually have all the neighbors come over and bring a chair and a side dish and its a good time.

On the 4th of July we went to my friend Anne-Stuart house and hung out with all of our friends! This was the first time Keith was not working and it was so nice to spend the whole weekend with him and friends and family.