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First Ski of 2016

Thank you to storm Jonas, most of the east received several inches of snow, which means great time to head to the slopes.  So we did just that on Monday! Johnathan, Jamie, Dad and I headed to Wintergreen to take advantage of the fresh snow they received.

The weather was 40 and partly sunny therefore, my kind of skiing! We had a great time!!


Raleigh received about 1 inch of snow and ice mixture on Friday, so Keith and I were snowed in. Keith work was canceled completely on Friday and I had to work from home.  It was so nice to be able to make breakfast at home and enjoy being cuddled on the couch, even if I had to work!

Saturday: We didn't move from the couch all day! We looked outside and it was still nasty so we decided to make an executive decision to stay in all day again as that is rare we have the opportunity.

Sunday: Instead of risking it and going out via car, we decided to walk around and head up the the grocery store down the street.  I was able to get my steps in and enjoy the sun shinning even if snow and ice were still all over!

Trolley Pub Fun

This weekend was so much fun! Of course we managed to do so much in a short amount of time but work hard and play hard, right?

Friday Night: Anne-Stuart and I headed to Wendell and watched her niece cheer/dance competition. The girls have a big competition this upcoming weekend so they were practicing with all the parents watching.  It was alot of fun to see Hannah in her element.

Saturday: Mom & I are training for the Charleston - Cooper Bridge 10K run and ran around Lake Lynn.  Then afterwards we helped my sister with some things around her new house.  It looks so good and she has only been in the house for 1 week now.

Saturday Night: We had a private tour of the trolley pub and at first I was nervous I was going to be freezing but they have a new cover on the trolley pub and it made a huge difference.  It was chilly but I wasn't freezing.

Sunday: We had Sunday Funday to watch Panthers' game at David & Jess house.  The Panthers won so everyone was HAPPY!

Fun & Exhausting Weekend

This weekend I was in Raleigh for the most part and crammed what felt like 5 days into 2 days.  However, it was fun while doing it!

Friday Night: Keith and I headed to try out a new restaurant bar in Raleigh called The Oak Kitchen & Bourbon Bar with his friends Nikki, Todd, Monica, and Andrew.  It was great to catch up with them over a few whiskey drinks and dinner!

Saturday: My friend Marisa had her baby shower in New Bern at the church her mom currently goes to. It was so nice to see her and see all the people that support and love her and her baby boy that is expected to arrive March 9, 2016.

Saturday Night: I was looking forward to having a low key night in with my husband.  We have never bought POWER BALL tickets but since it was up to 600 MILLION, we figured why not.  It was exciting to see if we were going to win but immediately followed by being sad because we didn't win.

Sunday: Keith & I watched Seacoast Church online and then I helped my sister move into her NEW ho…

Carolina Hurricanes Game

Keith & I normally try to make it to at least one canes game a year and we decided to go on Saturday night.  Anne-Stuart and Adam went to so we all met up at Edward's Mill Bar & Grill to have a few drinks and food before the game.  It was a fun game and they went into overtime but the canes lost in overtime.

New Year's Eve

The weather has been warm for NC and I have not been complaining.  So it was nice to have a warm NYE and bring in the new year with close friends. Anne-Stuart and I planned a party at her house and enjoyed appetizers, champagne jello shots and of course a toast at midnight.

2015 Year in Review

I really have no complaints for 2015! My top liked nine photos of Instagram are below and pretty much sums up how awesome 2015 was!

Top Row - Left to Right
Boarding plane to start our honeymoon, wedding picture at the alter, engagement picture

Middle Row - Left to Right
Sleep over with Anne & Julie, Antigua Beaches, When Keith proposed (anniversary celebrated)

Last Row - Left to Right
Picnic, Beers with my husband, Rings pictured in the bible