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Thanksgiving Weekend in SC

Keith had to work on Friday, but after he worked a half day we hit the road and headed down south to spend the weekend with his parents.  It was so nice to spend back to back weekends with them. Melea wanted to tackle Christmas decorations and we were happy to help! 
 starting to wrap presents Melea's Christmas Tree


It was such a treat to have off Thanksgiving and spend it with the family.  Keith and I were super lazy and lounged around until noon before we headed over to my mothers house.  My sister and I looked through all of the Black Friday Ads and helped mom in the kitchen.  We had appetizers around 2pm and then Thanksgiving dinner around 4pm.  Everything was delicious and we stuffed ourselves like a turkey.

 Mom's Pretty Table  Keith & I  Mom & John  Me & my sister Pretty handmade towels by mom

Night before Thanksgiving - Friendsgiving at Lynwood

Keith & I were so excited to hang out with so many of our friends before everyone had to travel and spend Thanksgiving with their family's.  So we all decided to go grab some drinks at Lynwood Grill (our local Cheers) and catch up and hang out! 
Attended: Anne-Stuart, Jessica, David, Marianne, Robert, Julie
 Me & Marianne  Me & Keith Julie, Keith & I

Weekend in SC

Keith and I headed down south to see his parents.  This was the first time I saw his dad out of ICU and it was so good to see him.  Everyday, he is getting stronger and he looks so good! He almost has a full head of hair back and his spirits are great!

Saturday: It was a big football game for Keith to watch - OSU vs MSU.  Melea and I decided to go shopping instead.  We shopped all day and had so much fun!

Sunday: We had breakfast together and then hit the road.  It was so nice to visit but we were glad to be home at a decent hour and get ready for the week!

Cozy, Lazy Weekend

Keith and I didn't have anything planned this weekend which was exciting because we have been traveling and so busy lately it was nice to stay in town and RELAX!! 
Friday: My sister's birthday was Thursday and we had planned on grabbing a few drinks Friday night.  Jamie decided she just wanted to stay in and we would get drinks another time.  So Keith and I just stayed in and enjoyed each other's company. 
Saturday: Keith and I didn't have much planned except a trip to Costco and Diamonds Direct to get our rings cleaned. My dad stopped over for lunch so we could hang out before he left on Sunday to go to Michigan for 6 weeks! It was great to see my dad but it will be weird not to see him for his birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! 
We completed a lot of errands including Costco, Diamonds Direct, Mall, and finally grocery store.  We had to pick up supplies to make oatmeal butterscotch cookies.  We were given a Kitchen Aid Mixer for our wedding and I am  embarrassed to …

Rainy Weekend in Greenville, NC

Keith and I spent this weekend apart, as he already had plans to go see his dad in SC.  Also, his Uncle Derek from Oklahoma was planning on being in SC as well! Keith had a great time visiting!

Friday Night: I had the place to myself.  I was able to catch up on my girly shows and cuddle on the couch! It was much needed!

Saturday: We had a home game in Greenville against USF and my friend Annie was in town! The game wasn't until 7:30pm so we had the entire day.  As we were making the trip we decided to stop in Wendell and have a late lunch at Aubrey's and Peedie's Grill.  I LOVE that place!

We weren't able to check into our room yet, so the front desk gave us free drinks at the connecting bar.  We were able to sit and watch all the ECU football players in the lobby get ready for the game!

We were excited to check out our friend's new craft beer bottle shop in Greenville, NC that just opened a few months back.  We tailgated there and then headed to the game.  It was ra…

Halloween Weekend

I was so excited that Halloween occurred on a Saturday this year! So that means, no excuses we have to go out and have fun (while we still can -right?).  A few of us girls right away decided to be different characters from Lisa Frank.  However, Keith wasn't sure what he was going to be until last minute.

Friday Night: ECU had an away game against UCONN and while it didn't end up like we wanted, we still cheered on our Pirates! FINAL: ECU 13 - UCONN - 31. Keith and I went to Anne-Stuart's house to watch the game and have a chill night in.

Saturday: Halloween!!! I had purchased a groupon to Secret Garden Winery in Pikesville, NC which is about an hour from Raleigh, NC and we were running out of time to use it before it expired.  So, Keith and I headed to the winery on Saturday before all of the festivities started. We had a good time doing a wine tour, tasting and learning about the wine process.

Saturday Night: We headed downtown and started at the Oxford and bar hopped.  …