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Short Hair Don't Care

I have always had long hair for as long as I can remember.  I did chop it off in college but quickly grew it back out.  Well, now that the wedding is over and I no longer need long hair for a fancy up-do.  So, I chopped it off and LOVE it.

Date Night at Second Empire

My gentleman and I try to have a fancy date night as often as we can.  It is important for us to get out of the house and enjoy dressing up and spending time with each other.  We had to reschedule our reservation at Second Empire 3 times but we were determined to go! It was perfect evening and we parked a few blocks away so we could enjoy a nice walk outside. The food was amazing we enjoyed the jumbo lump crab cake and grilled Latin seasoned pork rib chop in the main dinning hall. We decided to split the peanut butter raspberry tart for dessert and I practically ate it all by myself. If you live in the Raleigh area or visiting, I highly recommend checking out Second Empire!

Outfit Details: Pink Scallop Dress, Steve Madden Sandal

Keith Birthday Weekend

This weekend was a fantastic weekend! Keith Sr. had his left lung removed and is now cancer free! Talk about best birthday present ever! He will be in ICU until early this week and then he will be able to go home.  We will go visit in a few weeks to help out.

Friday night: 20 of Keith's closest friends went to the Durham Bulls game. It was a lot of fun.  The weather was perfect so we enjoyed sitting outside and cheering on the team. After the game, we headed to a few local bars in Durham to continue to hang out.

Saturday: We hung out at the pool and got some sun! Keith, Anne, Matt and I grilled out at the pool and then decided to head to O'Malleys for a few drinks.

Sunday: Keith and I headed to church and then visited my dad for a few hours.  Afterwards we had a cute picnic and then went to my mom's for birthday Sunday dinner!

Weekend in Charleston Recap

Keith and I headed down to spend the weekend with his parents.  This was the last weekend his dad had with cancer.  Surgery was scheduled for Monday morning at 7:30am and I am happy to report he is CANCER FREE!!!

Saturday we spent time hanging out and enjoying each others company. Sunday we went to church and had breakfast at home.  It was a quite but enjoyable weekend!

 Keith and I cooking dinner Taking shots of bourbon for good luck!

Family Picture - Christmas 2014

During Christmas last year we were able to get all of the family together while we were in Michigan to take a photograph.  I am so happy my uncle sent me the picture! This was the last Christmas I was able to spend with my Grandpa!

Weekend in MI

Friday, we took a half day and made the drive up to Lansing, Michigan.  My dad, sister and I knew it was going to be a long day/night and running into traffic, detours and construction made for a 14 hour drive.  We arrived at my aunt's house at 2:00am and went to be right away.

Saturday was a full day of emotions.  We had my grandpa service and even though he passed in May, it felt like yesterday.  I miss him so much everyday.  My cousin, Justin agreed to read memories from all of the cousins and I am so thankful that he did.  It would have been very difficult to stand up in front of everyone and share the memories out loud.

I had Justin share 3 memories I have about my grandpa (see below).

Grandpa was known for many things and one of those is his wonderful carpentry skills. He would carve out snowman, Santa Clause, even skiiers. I requested for a black high heel with red bottom. Grandpa Snow did just that and I will cherish it forever! 
Grandpa and Grandma lived in Colorado majo…

Weekend Recap - HHI

Jamie and I drove down to Hilton Head Island for the weekend to see our great Aunt Barb.  She lost her husband (Uncle Bill) in March.  Unfortunately, she wasn't able to make the wedding because she recently had knee surgery and still recovering.  Jamie & I had a wonderful time visiting and glad that we were able to spend quality time.  Unfortunately, I never took a picture with my cute Aunt!

 Spanish Moss EVERYWHERE!   We went into Bomboras Grille for a Fireball Shot while Aunt Barb was at PT appt.   Selfie Stick  Picture on balcony of Aunt B place Driving!