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Typical Wednesday Fun

Keith and I went over to our friends Anne-Stuart house last night and had a great time.  We all kept saying how it felt like a Friday.  The weather was perfect, food was delicious and the conversation and fun was perfect!

My gentleman loves to go to the grocery store; so naturally we all piled in my car and headed over to the grocery store together.  We had fun picking out all the items we would need for our feast! The dinner menu included:

Macaroni & CheeseHot dogsHamburgersBroccoli CookiesGlazed CroissantsCorn Pudding
It was nice to see everyone.  Emily, Anne-Stuart, Josh, Keith, Whitley and myself all developed the food comma after eating everything! 

Bridal Shower Weekend Recap

My bridal shower weekend was amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Several friends came into town for the shower, Quinn flew in Friday night from Philadelphia and Jill drove up from Wilmington, NC for the weekend as well. It was so nice to see so many people in town to help celebrate Keith & I. 
Friday Night: Melea, Future MIL, loves to shop when she is in town so of course we met up at Belk's. We shopped till we were hungry! We all ate at Cheesecake Factory and had a great time! 
Saturday: My bridal shower day! My shower started at 2pm at one of my bridesmaids house, Natasha.  It was so nice to have the morning to myself and I decided to head to Parlor Blow Dry Bar to have some bubbly and get my hair blown out.  I was so pleased with how it turned out. I loved everything about my shower, the decor, the food, the friends and family that attended.  I started to cry as soon as I walked in the door.  I was so overwhelmed with joy and can only imagine how hard it wi…

Selecting Music for the wedding

We were able to meet with our amazing organist at church and review options for different areas in the ceremony where music will be played! My gentleman and I really enjoyed this meeting as we are both not music savvy and unsure going into the meeting what it was going to be like.  However, we picked out some wonderful pieces.  
During the ceremony we will have music for when the acolyte walks in with the cross, priest walks in, mothers of the bride and groom, groomsman, bridesmaids, and of course ME, the bride! I loved hearing all the options and can't wait to see how they sound in the church with all of our friends and family. 
57 days until I say I DO!

Birthday Weekend Recap

As you probably know, girls have a habit of celebrating birthdays all WEEKEND LONG. I am guilty.  While we had reservations to eat at Oro on Friday night, I decided to stay in and have a great Friday Night in with my fiance!

Saturday: I had my hair and make up trial at Primp Salon Bar where I will be getting my wedding day hair and make up done on June 19.  I was so pleased with the results and started to cry when I saw the back of my hair.  I wanted to go with romantic hair and natural, neutral palette for make-up and I was so pleased with the outcome!

 make up and hair done! yummy pineapple upside down martini  crying after seeing the back up my hair
Saturday Night: Anne-Stuart and Keith planned for a group of us to go to dinner and drinks downtown to celebrate my birthday.  We had dinner at Shucker's Oyster Bar and it was sooo good! Then we did a little dancing and drinking at near by bars.  I had a fabulous night celebrating with my closest friends.

Sunday: Lilly for target was so…

Mexican Birthday Dinner

We went to celebrate a good friend of ours Jessica's Birthday during the week.  As we are all getting older I think we have all started to realize that birthday's are still important to spend with the ones you love but not necessarily important to do lavish things for your birthday to celebrate.

Jessica celebrated her birthday at a local mexican restaurant where we all gathered to wish her a happy birthday!

Lilly Pulitzer is coming to Target on my BIRTHDAY!

I am beyond obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer to begin with and then to hear the news that it will be debuting a line exclusively at Target beginning April 19 (my birthday) talk about best news EVER! They will be carrying 250 pieces and I literally WANT IT ALL!!! 

2 Months 5 days.....until I DO!

Last night my gentleman and I met with our pastor to review chapters we had read from our book we are reading The Marriage Journey. The chapters were on important topics: Fighting Fair, Money Matters, and Living Together.  We had a great discussion and so happy that we are doing this before we get married. After our meeting at the church it only seemed appropriate to walk by the wedding venue.  It is so pretty and makes me so happy when I see it! :)

Random Ramblings

Well, my gentleman is back from Vegas and alive to tell the fun shenanigans that happened while he was gone. We had a great night watching the Masters and having good laughs.  I am so glad he is back! 

I went shopping with my mom after my fitting and I found a cute candle holder! It looks perfect on our bar.  My gentleman recently gave me a framed picture from the day he proposed and I called Grandpa Snow the wonderful news.  So sweet he framed that moment. xoxo

Wedding Updates: I finished all of the welcome bags that I had planned on doing.  Now, I need to finish working on what will go inside the bags and then that piece will be completed. Invitations are out and we have already received a few RSVPs.  I have another meeting with my wedding planner tomorrow to go over more wedding details which I am anxious about. 

National Sibling Day

I am so lucky to have a sister, a best friend and my maid of honor to stand next to me on my big day! My sister has been such a great person in my life and I do not know what I would do with out her. Sisters are like no other - you can fight and make up because you have such a strong bond! 
Jamie & I jumping out of a plane

Weekend Recap

This weekend was so much fun!! Despite my gentleman being in Vegas on his bachelor party, I managed to have a great weekend, LOL.  This weekend consisted of beers, sunshine, wine, and great memories.

Friday Night: I went over to one of my bridesmaids house, Natasha and we watched a movie, enjoyed a glass of wine and dinner.  She made stuffed shells with spinach and meat and it was soo good.  I couldn't help myself but go back for seconds. We decided to watch the movie "The Theory of Everything" which is based on a true store of Stephen Hawking.  I thought the movie was adorable and it was interesting to learn more about Mr. Hawking.

Saturday: Raleigh Beer Fest was in town and several of us headed to the afternoon session from 12-4pm.  We were able to cut the line by donating to the food bank and we were drinking by 12:01.  I forgot to drink water in between samples so needless to say I was pretty drunk before it was over. I wasn't able to do anything Saturday night an…

Bridal Party Does Dinner

I am very lucky ALL of my bridesmaids live in Raleigh! I thought it would be a great idea to all get together for a fun dinner at Jose & Sons for good mexican food, margaritas and my maids! It was great to catch up and see all the ladies.  I enjoyed a Hemingway made with caribbean rum, lime, and grapefruit - DELICIOUS! I wanted to let all my maids know that I appreciate all they are doing as we all know weddings can be sooooo EXPENSIVE!  I gave each bridesmaid a love gift that included: a magnet with picture of us, a plastic margarita cup with their name on it, a pocket planner with all the upcoming important dates and a colorful box full of candy!

Fiance heads to V-E-G-A-S!!!

Today my fiance heads to VEGAS for his Bachelor Party! I know he is going to have a great time! I hope the boys all get along and enjoy their time.  Keith is excited as many sports events will be happening: Masters, Cleveland Indians baseball, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball.  Between pool parties, sports and drinking he will have a blast.

Of course I could pretend he will have a miserable time and miss me the whole time, but lets be honest, I will be doing the same next month when I am in Key West with my ladies!  

Easter Weekend Recap

After traveling so much over the last few weekends, it was nice to have a weekend of no traveling and no plans! Of course that means I get sick! :(  I started feeling bad on Friday and it slowly got worse, so needless to say this weekend was spent getting better and being extra lazy.  My body was trying to tell me I needed REST and I needed to listen.

Sunday was Easter and we did head to mom's for a great Easter dinner.  We didn't go to church however, Keith and I did watch SeaCoast Easter Church service online together which had a great sermon.