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New Years Eve

2014 has been a great year and I am looking forward to see what 
    2015 brings. Most often I do not make resolutions because they      are usually not realistic and who wants to set themselves up for  failure.  Instead of new years resolutions, I am going to make goals  for 2015. 

2015 GOALS
•Make a work out plan and stick to it •Learn to be more patient •Cook more •Read more •Love more •Unplug at least one time a week •Take more pictures •Plan a fun trip •Get more organized •Get MARRIED! 

Christmas in Michigan

Christmas in Michigan was wonderful! It was so great to spend six days with my family that I do not get to see that often.  The weather could have been better but we mostly stayed inside everyday so that wasn't an issue.  We talked about old memories, listened to old stories, ate tons of food and played with my new cousins who are 2 years old Miles and Colin!  I also was able to meet the newest addition to the family Hallie Phillips.  I continued to call her Halie which isn't correct but eventually pronounced it correctly!

 Grandpa and Grandma on their wedding day  Grandpa and Grandma in their apartment  Aunt Bev, Miles, Uncle Charlie
 Christmas Mani  Miles playing with the helicopter   Holding hands with grandpa  Grandpa & Grandma enjoying the fire
 Being silly with my sister

Serial Podcast

SO for the last several weeks I have been so intrigued with a podcast called Serial.  I have never listened to podcasts in the past and this one I was immediately HOOKED! Each week a new episode is released on Thursday morning and I wake up eager to listen.

Serial is about a murder that happened in 1999 in Maryland and the ex-boyfriend of the girl who was murdered was found guilty and has been in jail ever since.  Today was the season finale and it ended as I expected.  I still have plenty of questions and I still am not 100% sure who committed the murder.

Last ECU game of the season

Last night we played our last game of the season which also happened to be at home.  It was a cold Thursday night but we cheered on the Senior's as they move on.  Next year we will be watching them on Sunday's! So proud of the Seniors and I am going to miss cheering for them at Dowdy-Ficklen!

The score wasn't what any ECU fan wanted but I still love being a PIRATE!!!

  Game Selfie Caught on TV

Weekend Recap

It is always a good thing when Halloween falls on a WEEKEND! We made the drive to Philadelphia in 6 hours which is great timing!

Friday: Drove to Philly, went to Love Park and grabbed lunch at the oldest bar in the city, McGillins before heading to our friends Halloween Party!

Saturday: ECU played Temple at Lincoln Financial Field at Noon.  We tailgated at X-finity center which was walking distance to the stadium.  The weather was miserable because it was cold, rainy and windy.

Sunday: Drove back home and stopped at Cracker Barrel.

Decorations at McGillins

Love Park
 Mortons Salt, Rain Check, Cher from Clueless
 Tailgating at X-finity Center
 Anne-Stuart, Jessica, PeeDee, Me, Quinn

ECU vs Temple

This weekend I am riding with 3 other friends from Raleigh, NC to Philadelphia, PA for the ECU game on Saturday and Halloween Friday night. I am really looking forward to watching the PIRATES live in Lincoln Financial Field!!! 
I am not going to reveal my costume for Halloween just yet but will give you a hint! 

Hint for my Halloween Costume...
Go Pirates!

Weekend Recap_Charleston, SC

The weather was absolutely perfect while I visited my friend, Annie to celebrate her 30th birthday! She rented a beach house at Isle of Palms, SC and then we hit downtown Charleston at night to continue the festivities.  My favorite bar was called The Gin Joint off of East Bay Street because it was so fun to try a new drink and I loved the atmosphere.  I also tried chicken and waffles for the first time at Gin Joint and it was delicious, not sure why I have been holding back.  My favorite dinner spot we tried was Sermets Downtown off King Street.  I had salmon and it we fantastic!  The dinning area was intimate and we sat by the window so perfect for people watching.

Me and the birthday girl, Annie
Krista, Me, Annie, Sarah, Anne-Stuart  Larry, Katie, Me, Anne-Stuart, Annie  Me, Annie, Anne-Stuart

October Series_Monday Marvelous Mentions

Monday Marvelous Mentions: Week 4

Today's post wraps up the Monday Marvelous Mentions.  This proverb spoke to me! God always has a plan and his plans for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day.

Road Trip

Happy Thursday! Today, is my Friday and I am so excited to be taking a road trip to Isle of Palms, SC.  I plan on leaving work early and making the drive down to Isle of Palms.  I have been to Charleston, SC but never Isle of Palms so I am excited for the adventure. 
We are celebrating one of my good college friends, Annie's 30th birthday! She is the last one of my friends to turn 30 and we are all officially OLD!

Weekend Recap

The weather finally started to feel like fall on Sunday!  My weekend was wonderful and filled with hiking, NC State Fair, movie and a pumpkin patch.  
Saturday - Anne-Stuart and I decided to explorer Lake Crabtree.  Lake Crabtree isn't far from my house and I was excited to explorer.  The sun was shining and I was ready to tackle the 7 mile hike around the lake.  
I finished the book "Gone Girl" a few weeks ago and was dying to see the movie.  Keith and I went to see it Saturday night and I couldn't believe how good the movie was.  The movie producers did a great job keeping in a lot of the details from the book. 
Sunday - The fall crisp air was out and we were outside most of the day at the pumpkin patch and stuffing our faces at the NC State Fair! 

October Series_Monday Marvelous Mentions

Monday Marvelous Mentions: Week 3

I think these 7 steps do lead to happiness and I am going to work on judge less, accept more this week.  At church on Sunday this was part of the sermon and it hit home for me realizing I judge more than I should. 

Planning for Key West_My Bachelorette Weekend!

I am so excited about my bachelorette weekend in no other than KEY WEST!  I am such a planner and while it isn't until May 2015, I have already booked our flights and booked our house on Duval Street.

The plan is to fly into Miami and take the gorgeous drive from Miami to Key West.  It means so much to me that 9 other close girlfriends will be coming along to celebrate!

House we rented
drive from Miami to Key West
Countdown: 211 days

October Series_Monday Marvelous Mentions

Monday Marvelous Mentions: Week 2

You probably have seen, heard, or said the serenity prayer at some point. I believe these are some of the things we probably all wish for at some point...Serenity, Courage, Wisdom! 

Weekend Recap

I always feel like I work for the weekend but then the weekend goes by so fast!

Friday Night: Carolina Hurricanes season opener.  While, the Carolina Hurricanes didn't win we had a great time. It was the first game of the season and they were giving away free scarves (I am wearing mine in the picture).  I love free things!  Saturday: Before the rain came I was able to spend time outside and browse the farmer's market! The farmer's market has so many mums, fresh produce, pumpkins and unique flowers. Then I stopped to take a picture of the Raleigh skyline.  I heart Raleigh. 
Saturday night ECU played USF.  The game was not at home so I watched with friends and cheered on the Pirates from afar.  It was a good game and I am so glad we pulled out a W. 

I am addicted to sweets!

It won't take you long to realize I have a sweet tooth.  I love a festive sugar cookie with a glass of milk.  Every season Pillsbury has a fun seasonal design on the sugar cookies and I am guilty for always getting them! Who said only Santa gets cookies and milk?

My go to meal...

Yes, I realize tacos are not gourmet or even hard to make but they are my go to meal! I probably eat tacos at least one night a week.  I like to keep it simple and add lettuce, cheese, sour cream and taco sauce.  TACOS for LIFE!

Apple Cider Sangria Recipe

I am always up for trying a new sangria and this apple cider sangria was delicious! It was easy to make and only 5 ingredients.  I opted to not use the pears in this batch!

Check out the recipe here

October Series_Monday Marvelous Mentions

In the month of October every Monday I will post a marvelous mention. Anything from inspirational, happy, bible verse or positive quote.

Monday Marvelous Mentions: Week 1

Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.
1 Corinthians 15:33

I hope that this helps me start the week off in a positive note and try to live the remaining week in the same positive thinking!

Happy Monday! :)

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a perfect fall weekend in October.  Saturday was ECU homecoming.  The game started at 12, therefore, it made for a LONG day.  We left Raleigh around 8:00am to leave a few hours for some tailgating fun! 
ECU vs SMU  45           24
Natasha, Me, Anne-Stuart

Sunday morning was a great way to wake up at a decent hour and start my day.  I was able to do a few errands with my PSL in hand and make it to Lake Lynn for a nice run! Lately, I have been finding projects from Pinterest to do and this yard stick with wine corks on it was a perfect easy project to do on Sunday.  I plan to hang our fun engagement cards we have received on it! 
Sunday evening Keith surprised me with back stage passes and tickets to see Darius Rucker.  I am new to listening to country music but Keith loves it! The concert was a BLAST! I can't seem to go to a country concert without crying.  Some of the songs really hit home and causes me to be emotional!  Overall great weekend and lucky to have  such…