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Wedding Planner Hat

This was the big weekend I had anticipated for awhile and was going to be wearing my wedding planner hat to plan Jamie's wedding.  No not my sister, but my sister's sister-in-law.  I have never been an official wedding planner but loved planning my wedding and helping my sister plan hers.

Friday: Rehearsal time! We all met at the wedding venue and practice makes perfect.  I felt good with everyone knowing how to walk down the isle and where to stand. After we practiced we had dinner at Bruno's Bistro in Wake Forest.  The restaurant is a cute house transformed into a restaurant. 

Saturday: Wedding Day for Jamie and Brandon.  We were on a tight timeline and I knew it was going to be touch but I was ready for the challenge.  I recruited help from my husband, mother-in-law and bestie! I can't believe we pulled it off but we did! It was interesting to be part of the behind the scene as it is completely different than being a guest of the wedding.

Sunday: My gentleman and I were exhausted.  We were so tired and had a lazy day.  We had brunch at Waffle House and ate so much food!  I did schedule a facial in the middle of the day which was awesome and my skin felt amazing afterwards.