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It finally feels like FALL

Now, that it is mid October, it is finally starting to feel like the right season - FALL.  I couldn't be more excited to wear booties and sweaters.

Friday: My gentleman and I decided to stay in, share a bottle of wine and watch a movie in comfy clothes.  It was PERFECT!  We watched an older movie 'Runaway Jury' but I have never seen it before and it was so good.

 Saturday: Of course, college football was on the TV all day and then later we headed out to celebrate my brother in law's birthday.  We had a great time and ate at Buku and then had a few drinks at Anchor Bar downtown.

Sunday: We headed to the farmer's market so I could decorate our outside for FALL.  The farmer's market has every color mum you are looking for and any size and shape pumpkin you may need.  Later, Keith watched is favorite NFL team, The Browns and we had a great day!