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Labor Day Weekend - St. Augustine FL Edition

Sam, Annie, Anne-Stuart and I talked a few weeks back about all meeting up in St. Augustine for Labor Day weekend.  We made a plan and stuck to it.  We got so lucky the weather was amazing because its the start of hurricane season.

Friday: Anne-Stuart and I woke up at 5am and hit the road.  We made great time, and arrived at lunch in St. Augustine.  We hung out and then had dinner at Breakaways on the water.

Saturday: We headed to the beach as the weather was perfect.  Later, we had people over at Annie's house and swam in the pool and grilled out.

Sunday: We were all lazy and hung out at the house for most of the day.  We ended up going to the beach for a few hours before heading downtown to check out Old Coast Brewery and then dinner at Conch House.  After dinner, we went to Social Lounge for a few drinks.

Monday: We decided to leave early to avoid all the holiday traffic. We made really good time and were lucky to avoid all of the traffic.  You can never avoid traffic when getting into Raleigh. Hamilton missed me and I enjoyed getting all the snuggles.