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Basom Bomba Beach Weekend - Oak Island Edition

Now that my sister and I are married, I figured it was time we started to go on trips with our husbands.  I figured the beach would be a good place we could all enjoy and have a good time.  Hopefully, this turns into an annual trip!

Friday: We were hopeful to get off work early and avoid traffic, but no such luck.  We weren't able to avoid traffic, but we did manage to have great weather the whole weekend despite what the weather meteorologist predicted. We had dinner at Oliver's on the Cape Fear in Southport and it didn't disappoint. 

Saturday: We cooked breakfast at the house we rented before packing up to go to the beach for the day.  It was slightly overcast, which was perfect because we didn't get super hot. We played games on the beach and went for walks before we headed back to the house.  We had dinner on the water again at Frying Pan and drinks at Old American Fish Company and it was so fun!

Sunday: We all were burnt from the previous day so didn't want to venture out to the beach, we just took it easy and packed up to head home.