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Mother's Day Weekend

It is already starting to feel like summer with high temps and sunshine.  So, if I want to do anything outside, I have to make sure I do it early in the morning or later at night to prevent from getting to warm.

Thursday: Keith and I had been gifted awesome seats behind home plate to the Durham Bulls game and headed out to Durham for date night.  It was great company and great seats.  It did rain some so we started with a rain delay, but nothing a few dollar dogs couldn't fix.

Friday: We enjoyed a night end and took advantage of dinner on the patio.

Saturday: We were both going to be home and on a mission to clean our house.  We try to clean every week but as you know plan happen and things do not always get done.  So happy with our clean house!

Sunday: I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom all day.  We started with a 4 mile run around her neighborhood, followed by brunch at iHOP (her favorite) and then we went to see the movie 'I feel pretty' and it was soo good! We had a blast all day spoiling mom! Keith spent all day with his mom and then when I got home Hamilton wanted to give me my Mother's Day card - so cute!


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