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Valentine's Day

Keith and I celebrated Valentine's Day while we were dating by going out to fancy restaurants and eating with all the crowds of people; however, since we have been married we enjoy staying in and avoiding the crowds.  

This year, we decided a heart shaped pizza from Pizza Hut with our favorite pup - Hamilton was just what the doctor ordered and I wouldn't have any other way.  We even ate the pizza on my Kate Spade china and I loved it! 

Friday: We celebrated Julie birthday (which is actually on Valentine's Day) by going to Clockwork.  The atmosphere and decor is awesome and I wanted to take home the large antique gold mirror in the bathroom - it was to die for! 

Saturday: Anne-Stuart invited us over for La La Land and enjoy a charcuterie board.  I could eat a charcuterie board for every meal and be completing ok with it! 

Sunday: My gentleman and I ran some errands and Hamilton had a photo shoot.  I can't wait to see the pictures that she took!