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The weather outside is frightful...

Well, the weather in NC in December can't make up its mind.  We have had highs ranging from 80s to 40s in just a few short weeks.  This past weekend we had a snowy, rainy, sleety mix on Friday and Saturday.  Luckily, none of it was sticking to the ground or roads so it was fine to drive around but still scary at night when it was pitch black.

Friday: I had plans to go to Julie's house for girls night but we decided it was best to cancel because of the weather.  So instead, I stayed in with Hamilton and Keith and we watched Christmas movies and drank Christmas Ale.

Saturday: We had a ton of errands to run and did one of our traditions.  We love to go get our rings cleaned at Diamonds Direct, walk around the mall, people watch, see the pretty Christmas decor and go to Aunite Anne's to get pretzels. We had so much FUN!

Eating Christmas Crunch

Sunday: Melea (MIL) invited my sister, and my mom to come over for brunch and then go shopping at a store not far from her called DeWayne's.  We has a blast and I couldn't believe how big the store was.