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Happy Turkey Day

My mom has always hosted the main holidays and provided a awesome table space complete with wonderful food.  Earlier this year, she decided that Jamie and I were old enough to start hosting one of the holidays - so I will host Easter, Jamie will host Thanksgiving and mom will host Christmas.

With that being said, this year, on Thanksgiving Day Jamie was heading to Rocky Mount to spend with her finance family and would host on Saturday.  Therefore, since, the rest of us would be available on Thursday, Keith and I decided to host the rest of the family.  Up until now - my father and mother would only get together for graduations and weddings since they divorced.  Well, times are changing and everyone came and not a single plate was broken.  My mom, stepdad, dad and mother in law all came and we had a great time.

Keith & I have not hosted a large party at our house before, and we had a lot of fun.  I gave everyone a turkey sugar cookie (which I didn't make) and a mini loaf of pumpkin pecan bread (which I did make).