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My BFF turns 34!

My BFF, Anne-Stuart turned 34 this weekend so we celebrated at several breweries around Raleigh.

Friday: Keith, Anne-Stuart and I headed to Daily Pint for drinks after work.  I pass it all the time on the way home from work and I have been wanting to try it.  It was a nice day and we even brought Hamilton.

Saturday: My sister started a vinyl company, I helped come up with the name - Dogwood Vinyl.  I helped her setup shop at a little market Saturday for her to make her debut and sell some fun goodies. Later, we started the birthday shenanigans and headed to Lynwood Brewing Concern, first brewery on the tour.  Then we went to Neuse River Brewery which is right next door to Nicklepoint Brewery. I had never been to any of these breweries so it was cool to taste and visit the different ones.

Sunday: Anne-Stuart checked out a few new grocery stores that we had heard about but never been - Sprouts and Lidl.  I am a HUGE fan of Sprouts and will make it a point to visit more often.