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Keith turns 34!

My husband and I are very different when it comes to what to plan for the weekend.  He could stay at home every weekend and I would get cabin fever and need to go somewhere.  Since, it was his birthday weekend - whatever he wanted to do - we did!

Friday: He loves wings, so we went to the best place to eat wings and have a beer - Kings in North Hills.  It was a fun date night and a pretty night to be out and about.

Saturday: We had to drop off my car to get some electrical work done, and had a lazy morning.  My sister and I did some errands while he watched TV and played with Hamilton.  He grabbed drinks and watched football with friends - Josh & David.

 He fell asleep on my lap

Hamilton likes MILK

Sunday: We had to get my car inspected, so we dropped off my car and walked over to a local bar and had bloody mary's.  Another day spent spoiling Hamilton and we loved EVERY minute of it.