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Hilton Head Island

Jamie and I found a weekend where we could both head down to the island to see our Aunt Barb.

Friday: We took a half day and were able to get to her place in time for dinner.  She has a really nice dinning area where she lives so we are able to eat and catch up without having to go anywhere which is nice.  They always have a good dessert bar where you can help yourself and have as much or little as you would like. 

Saturday: We had a task at hand to sort through all these boxes she had in her bedroom.  We made piles for throw away, donate, and keep.  It was emotional for her as many boxes had many memories and we knew it would be painful for her.  We are so proud of her as she did so much and was so strong to keep powering through and get the boxes done. 

Later, we met up with the Sellers who primarily live in England and spend the summers at Hilton Head Island.  I love their accents and we had tea and cookies with them at 5pm.  After, we had tea we headed to the country club and had dinner.  They have the best she crab soup, so I obviously had to order a bowl. 

Sunday: We had breakfast and said our goodbyes and hit the road.  We stopped by the Kate Spade Outlet on our way home. We didn't hit any traffic until we got close to home but my sister is a good travel buddy so we had a great time!