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Sisak's Visit from OHIO

The Sisak's drove the 9 hour drive from Sandusky, OH to Raleigh, NC to visit.  We had a great time and so glad the weather turned out great for us to enjoy Falls Lake on Saturday.

Friday: They arrived a little before 5pm and we hung out and cooked dinner before heading to Lynnwood Grill for a few drinks.  David, Jess, Marianne and Robert met us out so they had a chance to meet them.

Saturday: We all headed to Falls Lake to have fun on the boat and rafts! We spent all day outside on the water and it was great! The water was surprisingly warm, so I was in the water all day.  Later, Keith cooked us dinner and Christina and I decided to stay in while the boys went out for a few drinks.

Sunday: The Sisak's had to drive back and we took the dogs to puppy camp - aka Grandpa's house so we can head to Table Rock Lake, MO.