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Mr. & Mrs. Teixeira (Marianne & Robert)

The weekend of May 19th was going to be a busy one for Keith & I as we had two weddings in two different states.  We were up for the challenge but we really didn't want to miss either wedding and so glad we were able to make it to both.  We will sleep when we are dead - right?

Friday night the ceremony for Marianne & Robert was at All Saints Chapel and the reception was at Stockroom 230 and it was so pretty. The wedding colors were black with pops of pink and it turned out beautifully.

 Robert & Keith
 The Bride, Annie, Keith & I
 Table Eight: Justin, Annie, Keith, Chris, David, John, Meg, Julie, Whitley, Josh
 Keith & I
 Annie & I
 Justin, Annie, Keith, Chris, David, Julie, Whitley, Josh, Sydney, Anne-Stuart, Jessica
Keith & I