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In honor of Keith Basom Sr.

We scheduled to celebrate the life of Keith Sr. in Ohio this weekend and invited all the family and friends to join and celebrate.  What an amazing weekend, filled with lots of emotions.  This weekend was emotional, humbling, and entertaining.  Listening to the family recount all the funny crazy things Sr use to do or say and watch everyone light and smile as they heard and shared those precious memories was bittersweet.  It is sad that no more memories will be made with Sr but reassuring that the memories that everyone has will never fade keeping him alive in spirit.

Thursday: We woke up and left the house at 7am to head to Ohio.  We made good time and stopped when needed and got to our hotel in Twinsburg, OH around 5pm.  I rented a car and drove on the Ohio Turnpike to spend the night in Lansing, MI.

Friday: I was looking forward to spending most of the day with Grandma, who just turned 94 on May 1! I arrived around 8:30 and she was sound asleep, she looked so peaceful so I let her sleep 10 more minutes before waking her up.  Once I woke her, we were able to catch up and spend quality time together.  Of course we played russian bank and she beat me, and I won a game also.  I treated her to chocolate ice cream in a cone and she loved it. Later, I drove back to OH as the rest of the family started to arrive. We hung out in the hotel lobby and shared stories.

Saturday: The calling hours started at 11am and the service was at noon.  It was a packed house and not a dry eye at the funeral home.  I am so glad I was able to spend several years with Sr before he got sick and passed away.

Sunday: Keith & I hit the road early and we were able to swing by and pick up Hamilton from my dad's house. It was so nice to see them both and sleep in our own bed.