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Home Owners Weekend

Keith and I knew that when we purchased our first home together last year, we would have plenty of things to do to keep us busy.  This weekend we accomplished so much and our house is finally starting to feel like our HOME.

Friday: Hamilton needed a face trim so we headed to PetSmart and then headed to get a blizzard from Dairy Queen. We finished the night off with a little TV on the couch.  My how I look forward to night's in!

Saturday: My dad came over to help us fix the privacy wall on our patio.  We knew we would have to replace it at some point and finally found time to knock it out.  It was an all day project and the weather was H-O-T-T but we finished! We have to wait till we can paint to match the rest but so glad that is done.

Sunday: We finished a few other house projects we had on the list and lounged the rest of the day!