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Marianne's Final Flamingle Part 1 - St. Augustine

I have been looking forward to going to sunny Florida since we booked this trip and it was finally time to head down. Some of the girls flew and some of us drove to St. Augustine Florida to get the bachelorette party started for Marianne.

Wednesday: Sydney and I drove to St. Augustine - Annie's house after work and arrived around 2am. While it was a long drive, we were so happy to be one of the first girls there and pick a bed.  The house wasn't large enough for all of us to have a bed so some had to sleep on air mattresses.  Annie had purchased cupcakes and sang me HAPPY BIRTHDAY which was really sweet.

Thursday: The majority of the girls arrived and decided to head to Flagger Beach and go to a few restaurants/bars and be right on the beach.  The day turned to night and we had so much fun.