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Snow Sisters go to Mammoth Mountain

Jamie and I had been planning this trip for several months and so excited when the day finally arrived.  We were scheduled to be gone from Saturday to Saturday with 3 days of skiing and spending the other days doing whatever we wanted.

Saturday: We already prepared ourselves for a long travel day and left Raleigh for the airport at 7:30am EST and expected to land in Mammoth at 6:30pm PST.  We made all of our connection flights and were ready to touch down in Mammoth only to find out the winds were to strong for the pilot to land.  The plane couldn't handle anything past 32 knots and the wind was 39 knots and climbing.  So unfortunately, after a plane ride with lots of turbulence and feeling like final destination we had to turn around and land at LAX.  Jamie and I had to make a decision: Get a refund for the flight $53 OR can take the next flight to Mammoth which is in 24 hours.  We decided to not waste any time and rent a car and complete the 5 hour trip.  We went to In & Out Burger and stayed in Palmdale, CA to avoid LA traffic on Sunday.

 ready to leave RDU
 so close - near the Rockies I think

In & Out Burger

Sunday: We woke up and started our trip in a nice 2017 Buick Encore.  We saw a beautiful rainbow beginning and end which we have never seen before.  In hind sight we were glad we rented a car because we were able to see so many beautiful sights and drive through some cool small towns.  We finally arrived in Mammoth around 1pm.   Once we got to Mammoth we did some local sight seeing ( not much to see) and shopping.

Monday: We woke up at 5am PST ready to hit the slopes.  The weather was decent with a high of 37 and partly cloudy we were ready to bundle up and check out the mountain.  Overall we had a great day skiing but wish a little more of the mountain was open.  

Tuesday: We decided not to ski and check out the town a little bit more.  We didn't do much which is what vacation is about right?

 view from the bus stop that took you around town

Wednesday: We were back on the slopes.  The weather was high of 34 with snow flurries.  The mountain had more runs open which was great because we were able to check out the back bowls where the black diamonds were located.  Unfortunately, none of the double black diamonds were open the entire week so we weren't able to ski on them.

Thursday: A storm came and we got over 4 feet of snow. Dump alert! Although high winds occurred every day with gusts up to 90 mph it was hard to ski only when it was snowing.  So we took Thursday off and it was raining where the condo was (because it wasn't that cold) and snowing on the mountain.  We only left the condo once to get my sister some medicine.

Friday: We were looking forward to our last day to ski, only to find out the conditions were miserable and visibility was even worse. Since we couldn't see what was in front of us or to get down the mountain we opted for spending the last day having fun and packing up before leaving the next day.

Saturday: We were ready for another long travel day back. On the way back we had to go from Mammoth > LAX > Denver > RDU only to find that Denver had a huge storm and flights were cancelled and delayed. We spent to much time in the airport and left Mammoth at 10am PST and arrived at RDU at 4:15am EST.