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Our First Visitors

Keith's parents were our first overnight guests in our new home and we couldn't be more excited. They were able to come up a few nights earlier than planned so Keith could watch game 7 of World Series with his father which was very special! Unfortunately, they didn't pull out a win but very cool they made an appearance in the World Series.

Friday: We ordered Jet's Pizza so Keith's parents could have a slice of our favorite delivery pizza in Raleigh.  We all hung out and hand a good time catching up.

Saturday: Melea and I left early to head out to the Junior League Shopping Spree and then some additional shopping at Belk's at Crabtree Valley Mall. The boys headed to Home Depot to get some items for the new house!

Sunday: We made breakfast and watched Seacoast online.  My goal was to unpack all of the china and display nicely in my china cabinet.  Melea's mother gave her the china and then she gave it to me, so it is probably 70+ years. We helped pack up the car so when they left Monday morning it wouldn't be to much trouble for them.