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Happy Halloween

Keith and I have been so busy moving from the old place to the new place and still have a lot to do - sadly.  We have knocked the majority of the tasks we had to do but now our new place is filled with boxes!

Friday: We decided to take Hamilton to my dad's house so we could get a lot done without Hamilton trying to sneak out. Keith started and took about 4 loads and then we watched Game 3 of the World Series.

Saturday: We worked for almost 6 hours carrying boxes over to the new place.  I looked at my Fitbit and I already logged 14,000 steps when we were carrying over our last load! We met some friends at Lynwood Grill for a Halloween Party.  A few girlfriends and I decided to go as Snapchat filters and we had so much fun!

Sunday: Keith & I were slow to move but we moved over 3 more loads. We settled in for the evening and watched Game 5.