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Labor Day Weekend

I have been looking forward to a long 3 day weekend for awhile and glad it finally was within reach! The weather was predicting Hurricane Hermine would ruin most of our outdoor plans but luckily that was not the case.

Friday: We stayed in for the night as the weather was really bad.  The hurricane was causing tons of rain and winds, even Hamilton didn't want to go outside for a walk.

Saturday: ECU vs WCU at 6pm in Greenville, NC. This was our first football game for 2016 season and I was so excited to be back in Greenville.  The weather was great and we only had a little bit of rain during the second quarter.  We won 52-7!

Sunday: We drove to Wendell to pick up Hamilton from my dad's house.  We did some adulting and cleaned the house. The weather was so nice so I met up with my friend, Anne-Stuart and we took the pups for a walk.  Later that night, we met up with my mom and step-dad and had dinner at Ruckus!

Monday: We went out on our friend's boat in Jordan Lake for the afternoon!