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Good for a good time tour

My gentleman and I danced to Darius Rucker "History in the making" as our first song.  I didn't really like country at first but slowly I am starting to like it more and more.  For the last 3 years we have seen Darius live and he always puts on a great show.  We reviewed the tour dates and noticed he would be in Raleigh, NC when I already had plans to go out of town, so we looked for closer cities and decided to go see him live in Charlotte, NC. 

Friday: We packed and stayed in. 

Saturday: We drove to my dad's house and dropped off Hamilton so we could go to Charlotte for the concert.  We stayed at Keith's cousins house (Chris & Emily) and had so much fun hanging out with them before the concert.  Darius didn't disappoint! We had a fabulous time and he even played history in the making! 

Sunday: We had breakfast before we hit the road and headed back to Raleigh.