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Cleveland - Factory of Saddness

Keith is obsessed with all sports teams in Cleveland (Indian MLB, Cavaliers NBA, and Browns NFL) and loves to cheer for them no matter how good or bad they are.   So when we looked at the schedule and ECU schedule we knew we had to make the trip to go to the Browns vs Ravesn game on 9/18/2016.

Friday: We worked a half day and then made the long trip up to OHIO.  We didn't turn the radio on until we got to Ohio and then Keith could listen to the baseball game.  It was so nice to have alone time with him in the car and catch up.

Saturday: We stayed with Christina & Kevin and they both had to coach in the morning so Keith & I ventured out and ran errands and bought a Cleveland shirt for me for the game. Several college football games were on in the afternoon so we watched them until we headed out to a few local bars.

Sunday: We headed to the tailgate field around 7am and were able to get a great spot close to the stadium.  We had a great time tailgating with all of our friends.  The weather was great and I even changed into shorts because it was so hot.  The game started off strong and the Browns scored 20 points in the first quarter but sadly the end of the game score the Browns lost 20-25.

Monday: We wanted to get a head start on our long trip, so we left around 6am.  Luckily, we were able to avoid traffic and get home at around 2pm.