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Wedding in Ohio

My gentleman & I headed to Ohio to celebrate his friend from grade school getting married. We haven't seen alot of the people that would be attending the wedding since our wedding June 2014, so we were looking forward to catching up with everyone. 

Friday: We caught an early flight to Columbus and arrived at 11:30am.  It was nice we had the whole day to visit my cousin, Shannon and run a few errands before getting ready for the rehearsal dinner at Bravo.

Shopping in Easton Town Center
 Me & my husband
 The boys

Saturday: Wedding day for Sarah & Greg! It rained a little during the day and right before the ceremony but the sun was shinning as they said their vows and it was the prettiest wedding.  It was held at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus.  The grounds were stunning and we had a fabulous time celebrating such a beautiful couple. 

Sunday: We caught an early flight out and were able to get back to Raleigh by 10am.  It was nice to have the whole day to prepare for the week.