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Party of 3 in St. Augustine

Annie recently purchased a house in St. Augustine Florida and I was looking forward to spending the weekend with her and Anne-Stuart in sunny FL.  Luckily, it is a quick 7 hours away so we packed up and hit the road Friday to go visit for the weekend.

Friday: We woke up and took our time getting into FL.  We made several stops and didn't get into FL until 3pm.  We stopped at Bold City Brewery in Jacksonville before our final destination.  It was nice to break up the drive since the weather was so nice.  Later we stopped at a The Floridian for dinner which had a huge porch we were able to eat under.

Saturday: We took advantage of the nice weather and was outside all day.  We rented a kayak and went out and explored the area.  We were in the town of Marineland and were sight seeing in the GTM National Estuarine Research Reserve of coastal conservation lands.  We even were able to dolphin watch which was so amazing.  After kayaking we headed to the beach and layed out to continue to soak up the sun.  We checked out a few restaurants and bars right off the beach.

Sunday: We headed to brunch and went to go view the St. Augustine light house before hitting the road and heading back to NC. We had a great weekend!