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Kerr Lake

April has several birthdays to celebrate so we decided to rent a house on Kerr Lake in Clarksville, Virginia and celebrate. Jessica, Robert and I all have April birthday within 10 days and this past weekend was a time we all had available. We headed up to Kerr Lake after work on Friday and everyone was at the house by 9pm. We all over packed and you would have thought we were staying for a week with the amount of food, drinks, and clothes we brought.

Lake Life People on the trip: Jessica, David, Julie, Chris, Anne-Stuart, Meg, John, Jamie, Johnathan, Marianne, Robert, Keith, and ME!

Friday: We ordered pizza and hung out at the house. The house was huge with plenty of room for all of us.  The house had a dock and we were right on the water!

Saturday: The weather was great so we were outside the entire day.  All the birthday people received a HUGE float so we played on that all day and then took turns riding on the boat. It was a little chilly but when you were in direct sun it was so awesome.

Sunday: We were all on the struggle bus and Keith & I got back at a decent time so we could recover before the weekend ended.