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Bye Irene the Ion

Well, this weekend I think I officially became an adult.  Why? I now have a car payment and own a car that is not 5+ years old. Keith and I weighed out our options and it didn't make any sense to continue to fix the issues for my Saturn Ion, so it was time to go car shopping.

Friday: We enjoyed drinks on the patio at a local bar/restaurant. It was nice but did get chilly as the sun went down so we headed inside to have a great night with friends.

Saturday: The day I became an adult.  I was dreading having to sign paperwork, negotiate for a good price and face the fact of having to have car payments every month.  However, the entire process was really not that bad.  I traded in my 2003 Saturn Ion (Irene) for a 2014 Toyota RAV4.  I am going to call her Rhonda the Rav. I love how it drives and looking forward to having it for the next 10+ years. Later that night we went to my sisters house for game night.

 Peace out Irene!
 Hello Rhonda!
Game Night!

Sunday:  My mom's birthday was earlier in the week so we celebrated it on Sunday.  She really wanted to make some easy DIY improvements to her bathroom so we helped her give it a face lift by adding fun tile pattern to the stand up shower.  It turned out great and mostly importantly she loves it.