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Weekending: Charlotte

Keith & I had a great weekend but ohhhh so busy! We experienced our first electronic dance music (edm) concert and it was a fun experience!

Friday: After work David, Jess, Keith and I headed to Charlotte to a concert to see Markus Schultz who I had never heard of before David mentioned to us.  However, first time for everything, right?! The concert was at the venue, Label which I have not been to but it looked cool.  The concert didn't start until 10pm which is way past my bed time - so I was a little nervous I wasn't going to make it. We headed to Black Finn for dinner and drinks before heading over to Label.  Once we got there I had so much fun!!

Saturday: We went to Harry's bar and grill for lunch and then stopped by the outlets on our way out of town.  It felt like the longest ride home primarily because we were all exhausted from drinking and dancing all night.

Saturday Night: Our friends Andrew & Monica had game night at their house.  When we got there, Monica told us that she had an awesome job opportunity to go to Europe for 6 weeks! She is nervous and excited and so happy for her!

Sunday: Keith & I headed to check on my mom's cat as they are in Florida until March (so jealous).  Then we met someone to buy a brand new pair of skis for a steal! I am always on the look out for cheap ski's and I found the perfect ones! Then, we headed to my dad's house so he could add my old bindings to my new ski's!