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Weekend of LOVE

This weekend was full of love and happiness.  Not only is it Valentine's day but also one of my bridesmaids birthdays - Julie.  

Friday Night: Anne-Stuart and I headed over to Julie's house to hang out and catch up.  We had pizza, wine, and other yummy appetizers.  It was fun to hang out and celebrate her birthday. 

Saturday: Keith & I had a productive morning.  I surprised him with Rise Donuts as he slept in and I of course was awake at 7am. We were able to get our taxes done, grocery shop, and finish a few other errands.  So we rewarded ourselves with staying in the rest of the day.  Mostly, because the high was 35 degrees which is SOO COLD! 


Sunday: We had made plans to go to brunch and cook dinner at home, but after having such a nice Saturday at home we decided to stay in again.  It was so pleasant to spend time with each other in comfy clothes and enjoy each others company. 

 My new hat!
 Hot Chocolate! 
 Making Sugar Cookies from Scratch!
Flowers from my Valentine!