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Superbowl Weekend

We were way overdue for a visit to see Keith's parents so we headed down to SC after work on Friday.  We tried to go down a few other times but the weather was too bad to drive.

Friday Night: We got in around 10pm and just caught up before crashing!

Saturday: Melea had a laundry of stuff that needed to be done around the house and we were able to complete the whole list.  Of course, that made Keith feel good that he was able to help out his mom since we aren't able to see them all the time.

It wouldn't be a trip to SC if we didn't squeeze in some shopping.  I was able to check out a new consignment place that just opened up near Melea house and it has so many cute options.

Sunday: We had to leave around 8am so that I could drive to Greensboro for a fun calligraphy class with my sister.  I was super excited because we were able to take a free class at a fun store called Swoozies that has anything you can imagine! We had a lot of fun together!

Sunday Night: Superbowl 50 Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos. Keith and I didn't have a team we were cheering on but just happy to be hanging out with our friends and eating food I didn't need to eat! The Broncos won and all of our friends were really sad, but in every game of football you have a winner and a loser.