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FLORIDA in February

Keith and I took a mini vacation to Florida in February to thaw out and get some sun! My mom and step-dad headed down to Florida for a whole month.  We were able to spend the last weekend they were down in the sunshine state.

Thursday: We worked till 3pm and headed to the airport. We had a non-stop flight and landed in Orlando at 8.  Mom drove the hour to come pick us up and we headed to dinner. We were able to catch up and hang out before starting our busy weekend.

 Friday: We started every morning with doing the puzzles in the newspaper.  I love doing word searches and the jumble! It was nice to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning sun before starting our day.  Later we got a tour of the area and had lunch. Later that night we headed back for dinner and learned a new game of Mexican Train.

Saturday: Mom and I headed out for a morning run and then had breakfast.  Later, we played a few games of shuffleboard and went up to an outdoor expo to see all the different sports you could do outside. We had the opportunity to meet up with family friends, Ann & Vin and it was great to see them.

Sunday: We played a few more games of pickleball before we had to pack and head back to Raleigh.