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Trolley Pub Fun

This weekend was so much fun! Of course we managed to do so much in a short amount of time but work hard and play hard, right?

Friday Night: Anne-Stuart and I headed to Wendell and watched her niece cheer/dance competition. The girls have a big competition this upcoming weekend so they were practicing with all the parents watching.  It was alot of fun to see Hannah in her element.

Saturday: Mom & I are training for the Charleston - Cooper Bridge 10K run and ran around Lake Lynn.  Then afterwards we helped my sister with some things around her new house.  It looks so good and she has only been in the house for 1 week now.

Saturday Night: We had a private tour of the trolley pub and at first I was nervous I was going to be freezing but they have a new cover on the trolley pub and it made a huge difference.  It was chilly but I wasn't freezing.

Sunday: We had Sunday Funday to watch Panthers' game at David & Jess house.  The Panthers won so everyone was HAPPY!