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Christmas in SC

Not only was this our first Christmas as a married couple, but this was our first Christmas together. In years past, Keith was in Missouri and I was in Michigan with our families and had not yet waken up on Christmas morning in the same place.  Keith Sr. had a voice from the procedure they completed earlier in the week so we were calling it our Christmas miracle to hear him talk!! 

Christmas Eve we headed to church around 1pm and enjoyed a nice service.  Then we went back home and enjoyed each other's company and a nice dinner. Christmas Day we opened gifts and snacked on appetizers all day. 


We headed back to Raleigh on Saturday and played a new game we got for Christmas with our friends.  The game is called Hedbanz and it is sooo fun to play! 

Sunday, we did Christmas at my mom's house and then ended it with all going to go see the movie Star Wars in 3D.  Although, Keith & I aren't true StarWars fans it was a cool movie because of the 3D and all the effects!