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Rainy Weekend in Greenville, NC

Keith and I spent this weekend apart, as he already had plans to go see his dad in SC.  Also, his Uncle Derek from Oklahoma was planning on being in SC as well! Keith had a great time visiting!

Friday Night: I had the place to myself.  I was able to catch up on my girly shows and cuddle on the couch! It was much needed!

Saturday: We had a home game in Greenville against USF and my friend Annie was in town! The game wasn't until 7:30pm so we had the entire day.  As we were making the trip we decided to stop in Wendell and have a late lunch at Aubrey's and Peedie's Grill.  I LOVE that place!

We weren't able to check into our room yet, so the front desk gave us free drinks at the connecting bar.  We were able to sit and watch all the ECU football players in the lobby get ready for the game!

We were excited to check out our friend's new craft beer bottle shop in Greenville, NC that just opened a few months back.  We tailgated there and then headed to the game.  It was raining so we didn't go to the game right when it started, and so glad we waited.  We were able to seat in club level and a rain drop never touched us! Final Score: ECU 17 USF 22

Sunday: We drove back and I headed to the fair grounds! My dad had a spot setup trying to sell some inventory he has created over the last several months. He did a good job but man was it cold while we stood outside to greet customers.