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Road Trip - VA, DC, MD, DE

Friday, I did not work and took a road trip with my BFF - Anne-Stuart.  Our final destination would be Bethany Beach, DE for our friend Annie's birthday but we made sure to stop at many places on the way! We left in the morning around 9am and our first stop was a winery in Virginia - Potomac Point Winery.  The winery had a fun Tuscan feel and we had fun doing a wine tasting. 

Friday night, we met up with our friend Sam who now lives in DC.  He moved the weekend of my wedding, so I was glad we were able to visit with him before making the rest of our trip.  We went out in Georgetown and Dupont Circle.  It was a chilly night but fun to bar hop in DC. 

Saturday, we got up and picked up Annie and went to Annapolis, MD.  We were able to eat on the water at Chick & Ruths Delly which is really good.  Downtown Annapolis has a ton of shops and restaurants so we walked around a little and then made the rest of the trip to Bethany Beach, DE.  We were staying at Annie's parents house who got lobster for us.  This was my first time cooking lobster and cracking it which is alot like crab but so much harder.  It was fun but not something I would want to do all the time - lots of work! After dinner we headed to the beach before it the sunset. 


Me, Annie, Anne-Stuart

Then we headed to Rehoboth Beach to have drinks at Dog Head Brewery and Pub. It was surprisingly busy but we had a great time celebrating Annie's birthday!