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ECU Homecoming

This weekend was ECU Homecoming and I was looking forward to seeing everyone! The game was Saturday at Noon versus Tulsa.  I usually do not like noon games but we didn't leave Raleigh till 8am and I was home by 6:30pm therefore, we could be in bed at a decent hour and wake up for church on time. Another fun weekend in October!

Friday Night: We stayed in and just had date night at home. We watched a terrible free movie on TV called ATM.  We both continued to keep commenting how bad it was but wanted to see how it ended.
Keith & I had a nice date in!

Saturday: ECU Homecoming! The weather was so nice and alot warmer than we all dressed for.  The temperature was going to be chilly in the morning then by game time around 65 degrees.  Well before 11am we all felt like it was 85 degrees.  Keith got so much sun on his face (poor guy!).

 Wes, Keith, Me, Natasha
 Keith & I
 Jessica & I in the stadium
David, Keith, Jessica, Me

Sunday: Keith, Mom, Jamie & I headed to church for the 9am service.  Then we met John at the pickleball courts to play a few rounds.  After pickleball Keith headed up to the bar to meet Josh, Jessica, and David to watch Sunday Football.  I joined them after doing a few errands.

 Keith wore my Grandpa Snow (CHS) ring to church!
 Jamie, Mom, Me
David, Keith, Josh