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Gold Out Greenville Bound

Friday I took a half day off of work to hang out with my BFF, Anne-Stuart.  This has been here birthday week and when we originally planned to have this day off we were hoping for nice weather and would do something outside. Instead the weather was windy & rainy, therefore, inside activities would win. We decided to go to the grocery store and get all the tailgating supplies we would need for Saturday's big game against Virginia Tech.

Saturday, we woke up early and headed to Greenville, NC for the game.  The weather was so gross all day and we all looked like drenched cats from sitting in the rain for 9+ hours.  We did win the game and that made it sooo worth it. During the season, we typically have a purple out, black out and gold out for all the fans to wear ECU colors.  This week it was a gold out. Final Score 35-28 ECU! You can paint that game G-O-L-D!

Sunday, Keith's friend Landon was with us all weekend and he left to go back home.  Keith met up with some of his friends to watch the Browns play and I decided to clean the house and relax! Much needed after a full weekend!