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Weekend in MI

Friday, we took a half day and made the drive up to Lansing, Michigan.  My dad, sister and I knew it was going to be a long day/night and running into traffic, detours and construction made for a 14 hour drive.  We arrived at my aunt's house at 2:00am and went to be right away.

Saturday was a full day of emotions.  We had my grandpa service and even though he passed in May, it felt like yesterday.  I miss him so much everyday.  My cousin, Justin agreed to read memories from all of the cousins and I am so thankful that he did.  It would have been very difficult to stand up in front of everyone and share the memories out loud.

I had Justin share 3 memories I have about my grandpa (see below).

Grandpa was known for many things and one of those is his wonderful carpentry skills. He would carve out snowman, Santa Clause, even skiiers. I requested for a black high heel with red bottom. Grandpa Snow did just that and I will cherish it forever! 

Grandpa and Grandma lived in Colorado majority of my childhood. We would go visit in April and go skiing and celebrate my birthday. Grandma would make the cake and add her touch of fresh flowers for decorations and grandpa would look at me with a big smile and say "make a wish" I am so lucky to have been able to celebrate so many of my birthdays with him! 

One of my favorite memories with Grandpa is going skiing.  I loved skiing with him.  My favorite was to go threw the trees and he would be skiing along the tree line at Keystone & Breckenridge. Another fond memory was how much he would brag about his son to other skiiers.  Grandpa and I would take breaks and sit at the bottom of the mountain and watch the other skiiers come down.  Grandpa would always ask a stranger also waiting and say pick out the best skiier on the mountain - hands down the stranger would always pick David Snow - his son, my father. Grandpa would then state - I taught him everything he knows and get a good laugh

Grandpa has his ashes at his church Mayflower Congregational Church in Lansing, MI.

Sunday we had to break the news to tell grandma that she will be moving to another unit.  This unit specializes in patients with alzheimer and dementia  which my grandmother hasn't been diagnosed with yet, but is heading that way.  We were able to get a tour of her new place and check out where she will be residing. It was difficult for her and she will no longer be sleeping in a double bed and now sleeping in a twin bed. 

Monday morning Jamie and I caught a plane back to Raleigh and dad will stay in Michigan for the remainder of the week.  Grandma will be moving in on Tuesday and I am glad dad will be there to help!