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Happy Birthday America!

I had a great 4th of July weekend and it went by too fast! Everyone had off Friday, but I had to work since 4th of July was on a Saturday this year.  We did get out early so that was nice!

Friday: My parents have a great view for the Morrisville Fireworks from their backyard.  So every year they gather the neighbors to come over for a cookout and enjoy the fireworks!  The town always does it on July 3rd. Keith, Anne-Stuart, Jamie, and Jonathan and I hung out to enjoy the food and fireworks!

Saturday: Julie, Anne-Stuart and I tried to head to the pool but it kept raining on and off so we only were able to stay at the pool for about 1 hour.  We then headed to a friend of Keith's party to enjoy some lawn games and fireworks.  They put on a fantastic show!

Sunday: Mom and I went to church and brunch.  Anne-Stuart and I hung out and went to get some loaded tots from Busy Bee.

 Church Dress 
selfie stick fun in the car