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Weekend Recap

I am always working for the weekend but the weekend goes by soooo fast! This weekend I had a ton of items crammed into only a few days but managed to get all of them done, so yeah!

Friday Night: It was a long week for Keith and I so we went out to Outback for an appetizer and then dinner over at Carolina Wings.  We sat outside and it was lovely! The weather was perfect!

Saturday: A busy day with a long to do list.  I started off at the eye doctor and found out that I have mild pink eye and mostly allergies and will need to put in steroid eye drops for 1 week and no CONTACTS! I never wear glasses so of course I was sad but at least its not my wedding week. I did get a chance to paint our couple monogram! 

Anne-Stuart, Keith and I headed to the pool to get some sun and the weather was gorgeous.  I am trying to keep a glow for the big day!!!

Sunday: Keith and I headed to church and then he had to go to work.  I went to Costco and picked up snack items for the welcome bags.  I also met up with my friend Julie who picked up maps for the welcome bags for me and I added stickers to them so guest can easily see where the church and wedding venue are located - I think they turned out well. 
 Hand in Hand for Church
Custom Maps