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Wedding Part 3 - The Ceremony!

Keith and I decided to do first look at the Merrimon-Wynne House first mostly because my church didn't allow pictures and I wanted to document that moment but little did I know my friends would be snapping pictures and breaking the rules.

Keith and I both did get a little emotional at different parts during the ceremony but that was expected.  During my part to say the vows I did have to pause and gather my thoughts and breathes so I could speak out loud and not cry the entire time.  During this pause, several of Keith's family members thought I was going to bail and not get married - LOL! Not to worry, I said them and happy to do so but couldn't without tears.

I love how pretty the church is so I didn't add any additional decorations and everyone still commented on how GORGEOUS the church was.  The music we selected was amazing and hearing the ringing bells at church making it official was music to my ears!!

 Handsome man walking down the isle...
With this ring....
 We are married!