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Weekend Recap

This weekend was so much fun!! Despite my gentleman being in Vegas on his bachelor party, I managed to have a great weekend, LOL.  This weekend consisted of beers, sunshine, wine, and great memories.

Friday Night: I went over to one of my bridesmaids house, Natasha and we watched a movie, enjoyed a glass of wine and dinner.  She made stuffed shells with spinach and meat and it was soo good.  I couldn't help myself but go back for seconds. We decided to watch the movie "The Theory of Everything" which is based on a true store of Stephen Hawking.  I thought the movie was adorable and it was interesting to learn more about Mr. Hawking.

Saturday: Raleigh Beer Fest was in town and several of us headed to the afternoon session from 12-4pm.  We were able to cut the line by donating to the food bank and we were drinking by 12:01.  I forgot to drink water in between samples so needless to say I was pretty drunk before it was over. I wasn't able to do anything Saturday night and literally crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sunday: I had my FIRST DRESS FITTING appointment and I was so excited to put my dress back on and try it on with all of my jewelry and see the full look.  I fell back in love with my dress.  It is sooo pretty and can't wait for JUNE 19! I am so short we mostly have to take up the hem which I didn't realize how many layers the dress had until I had to hold all of them and stand in still for 2 hours!